Listen to Veramellious

Veramellious is Ekat Bork`s debut album. Released by GinkhoBox in 2013.

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Now you can get the album `` VERAMELLIOUS`` also via SMS

1. Select your SMS keyword
2. Choose sales price per Country
3. Activate the keyword (in the table is your SMS keyword and the corresponding destination number per country indicated)

Choose your SMS Keyword:

Land                   Keyword                         Number               Price (Min) up to you 🙂

Switzerland        igroove veraxe               900                      CHF 12.00

Germany            for10 igroove veraxe     89000                 EUR 9.99

Austria                txt10 igroove veraxe     0900330300       EUR 10.00

Serbia                 for igroove veraxe         1310                    RSD 960.00

Thank you for listening.