5. Alone, in the spotlight, thinking as I talk, “I’m a piece of wood”, “I’m a grain of sand”. What are you? Do you ever even think about it? I have to, all the time. I never stop explaining it to myself out LOUD! I’m baring it all to you. Big, isn’t it? Feed it!
4. How much does love hurt? What is worse? Why do we endure it? How do you express so much, deep, searing pain? Once you’ve suffered it, are you not scared of surrendering to it again, of exposing your frailty? Do you not feel that fear?
3. Where did that simple, pure, crystal happiness go to? It was lost a long, long time ago. Surely it’s still there inside somewhere, crying to get out… to save you.
2. Life is a prison only if you let it contain you. We are the gatekeepers. I will not be restrained by fear, chains, locks, bars, walls, fences, paranoia or you. Go on, leap with me. There, is it so perverse? Don’t you wish you’d done it years ago?
1. If you are a sheep, you cannot bleat Mayakovsky and expect understand him. You must resist, be reactionary. Sculpt your own self with experience, energy, self-will, anger and love, your bare hands and your open mind. Then, perhaps, you can awaken, hear him, feel him and cry out to him, “Vladimir! Free me.”